Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dominos #1 Press release

Press release за стрипот Dominos #1, објавен минатата година во декември, во чие што креирање учество зеде и македонски автор:

Affinity Press is getting ready to heat up the world of superhero comics with the release of “Dominos” #1.

“Dominos” follows a group of superheroes employed by the United States government to fight for the safety of the entire planet. But when a critical mission goes off the rails and out of control, the team is forced to make decisions that will change everything. And there won’t be any going back.

Written by James Ireland with pencils by UK artist Tim Rees, “Dominos” is expected to push the envelope of the superhero genre.

“Traditional super heroics with a twist,” said Rees recently. “Expect the unexpected and buckle up for alien incursions, political intrigue, blistering battles and ‘happy events’. And that’s just the first issue.”

Affinity’s visual team on the title is rounded out by colorist Blue Zhao and letterer Aleksandar Stevanov.

With characters that include Nestor “Manpower” Newman, married superheroes Mary and Ezekiel Christian and Gammon “Elder” Brummagem III, Affinity Press is looking to bring a unique vision to the genre comics market. And with imaginative writing hitched to high-quality visuals, “Dominos” is sure to satisfy readers looking for tales of heroism and intrigue.

Look for “Dominos” #1 to debut in December.

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